Connecting with your kids during the holidays

Christmas is something our family looks forward to year every year. It’s a time where we actually have a few days off together allowing us to enjoy time with family and friends, watch holiday movies, bake lots of sweet treats, and of course carry out family traditions.  One family tradition I have done with my kids for several years now is our 25 days of Christmas activities.  I started this tradition because I wanted to set aside time with the kids, to slow down even for a half an hour each day to just connect, especially with the chaos that Christmas can bring. 

Research has shown that to maintain a healthy relationship you need five positive interactions for every negative interaction. It is based on the 5:1 ratio from Dr. John Gottman, an American psychological researcher and clinician known for his extensive work on divorce prediction and marital stability. So for the amount of time we spend, directing, correcting, and even nagging our kids in a day, we need to make sure we throw in some moments of connection.

So today I’m sharing some of the activities we have done over the years for our 25 days of Christmas activities with the simple intention of connecting. We look forward to these activities everyday and it’s a great way to spread some holiday cheer.

1. Read a Christmas story

2. Bake Christmas goodies

3. Write letters to Santa

4. Go to a neighbourhood Christmas event

5. Donate food or clothing

6. Pay it forward

7. Make a Christmas craft

8. Watch a Christmas movie

9. Attend a holiday party with family or friends

10. Sing Christmas songs

11. Wrap Christmas presents

12. Make hot Chocolate

13. Go see a Christmas light display

14. Make snowmen

15. Take holiday photos

16. Make a gingerbread house

17. Game night

18. Send out Christmas cards

19. Attend Christmas mass

20. Go ice skating

21. Support a local business

22. Shovel snow for a neighbour

23. Make a Christmas ornament

24. Decorate your home

25 . Celebrate Christmas

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