Wishes for my children

This blog post was inspired after a day that I spent with my family. This day was not anything out of the ordinary, other than the fact that our calendar was completely clear with nothing scheduled. We woke up, had a lazy morning, went to church, then out for lunch, ran a few errands and more importantly we were just present with one another. As I watched the kids interact with each other and with Renan I reminded myself of how blessed I am, and hoped that one day my kids could grow up and feel the same. I spontaneously said, “My wish for all of you kids is to…” I will leave that wish till the end of the post. After saying my wish for them out loud it made me think of other wishes I have for my kiddos, and today I decided to share them.

1.That they will always be respectful– If you know me well or have ever had a conversation with me about what I believe the key to all successful relationships is, I will always say respect. Respect by my definition is being generous, kind, patient, empathetic, saying “please,” and “thank you,” and “I’m sorry.” My wish is that my children will always be respectful as I truly believe that respect can go a very very long way. It creates trust in relationships and provides a safe environment for somebody else to share their feelings. Although I know there will be times where my kids may not agree with friend or loved one, my hope is that they have the ability to see another point of view. I want them to celebrate all of the great things in life and have the grace to be accepting of the not so great things.

2.Celebrate their own identity – I know that peer pressure is something my kids will all experience but I am hoping they will never compromise their own beliefs and values just to “fit in.” I hope that they are confident enough in themselves to honour their uniqueness and not be so focused on the opinions of others. My wish is that they don’t consistently compare themselves to others but rather commit to truly being the best versions of themselves.

3.Find a career that they are passionate about – I wish that my children will only pursue opportunities that bring them joy and purpose. I want their dreams to be BIGGER than their fears and want them to have the resiliency to keep reaching for their goals no matter what obstacles may slow them down. I want them to take risks and rise back up after they have fallen. I hope they will always be curious and brave enough to learn things that will get them out of their comfort zone and to thrive off of new experiences.

4.That they have an abundance of good health and wellness – I wish that my kids will have a lifetime of good health. I hope they make wise choices to promote positive physical, emotional and mental health. I hope that no matter how busy life will get for them, that they make time for themselves helping them create a better quality of life and a meaningful one. My wish for them is that they give themselves permission to say “no” once in awhile to recharge, slow down, reflect and do something just for them.

5.They they are fulfilled – Like most parents I am sure we all want our children to be happy. My wish for them is that they are able to live life with intention. I want them to engage in activities that make them feel alive and only surround themselves with people that they are grateful for and bring them joy. I want them to laugh (a lot) and to try and not to sweat the small stuff. I hope they steer away from negativity, practice compassion, and be the reason other people smile. My hope is that they will be able to forgive, allowing them to live in the present as opposed to letting someone have the power over them to remain angry or hurt over something that has already passed. I want them to listen to their inner voice, chase their dreams and make choices without regret.

6.That they always remain close – My kids know that I always put family first and my wish for them is that they always remain close. I want them to be able to celebrate life’s big moments together and support each other through the rough times. My wish is that they will consistently make an effort to stay in touch with one another no matter the distance. I hope they will always feel comforted by each other and safe with each other. I want them to value the importance of connection and friendship with each other.

7.That they find a partner in life who treats them as well as their daddy treats me. – This is the wish I said out loud to my kids that day that triggered me to think of other hopes and wishes I have for them. Whether or not my kids choose to get married or not, my wish for them is that they have someone they can always rely on when they need. My wish is that this person will be someone they share there wildest dreams with and their deepest struggles, without fear of judgment. God willing all my kids will outlive Renan and I, so I hope they find someone who will love and respect them, always making them feel safe and cared for when we are gone. My biggest wish for them is that they find someone who will make them feel the exact same way Renan has always made me feel.

What are your wishes for your kids?

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