String Art

A few weeks ago the kids had friends over for a playdate so I thought it would be fun to do a simple art project they could work on and take home to keep, so we decided on string art and it was a hit!

First, gather all of your materials: wood, printed pattern – we chose the first letter in the kids names, hammers, nails, string, and painters tape

Tape the pattern onto your wood and hammer in nails around the perimeter of the pattern.  I prepped all of the holes for the kids.

Next, get the kids to hammer the nails into the existing holes.  This is a step where you NEED to monitor the kids closely as they could accidentally hurt themselves.  We fortunately did not have any issues.

Next take the string and wrap it around the nails.  There is essentially no wrong way to do this part which made it manageable even for my youngest.



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