Lunch notes – Sending words of affirmation and encouragement

There is nothing I love more than hand written letters and notes. These days with the rise of technology, even a heartfelt text message or cute GIF just doesn’t give me the same amount of joy that a handwritten note gives. As soon as my kids knew their letter sounds and were learning to read I began slipping love notes into their lunches as I simply wanted them to know that I was thinking of them. After a few years of doing this the lunch notes have now become just as important as the little treats I give them, and when I forget – the kids let me know! Over the years I have learned that these notes have been so much more than just reminding them of how much I love them. It’s helped me stay more connected to them, encourages literacy through reading, and also helps to give them a boost of endorphins during the day by laughing at some of the silly messages I have written for them.

This year I thought I would take kick it up a notch with my lunch notes. I found myself always kissing the kids goodbye before school telling them to try their best, that I believed in them, to have courage to do something challenging and to be kind. This inspired me to create lunch notes with encouraging messages. I wanted to send the kids with positive affirmations during the day with the hope that it would nurture and help develop positive self-belief and improve self confidence.

So I have recently launched a set of lunch notes that comes with 31 different messages and a space for you to write a personal note of your own. To add a little bit of fun, your personal note can be covered with a scratch off sticker making it enjoyable for the kids to scratch off a hidden message written by you.

Hoping these lunch notes will be a valuable addition for your loved ones.

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