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Hard to believe that it is the last month of 2018 and soon everyone will be thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  According to statistics the most common resolution for Canadians in 2017 was to improve personal fitness and nutrition.  While that is always great resolution it is also the hardest one to keep.  When I decided to join Barre Belle I will admit I didn’t know much about it and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I did not join as a part of a New Year’s resolution, rather barre was introduced to me by a friend at the perfect time in my life where I wanted to invest more time into physical activity.  From the first class something about barre had me hooked, and if you follow me on Instagram you know that I’m at Barre Belle – a lot!

So what exactly is barre?  Good question.  I have read a lot about barre since starting, and from what I have read barre is described as a workout that combines ballet inspired moves with components of pilates, yoga and strength training.  Barre incorporates light weights typically up to 3lbs with high reps focusing on small movements while engaging your core.

At Barre Belle classes begin with a warm up and typically start with an upper body workout, and don’t let the light weights fool you because with proper form your arms, shoulders and back get a killer workout.  After the upper body workout next is lower body focusing on quads, calves, glutes and inner thighs.  Holding positions for extended periods of time and then moving just an inch up and down to further burn out your muscles is so challenging.  Adding resistance bands, sometimes smash balls, AND doing 3 reps, I often have to close my eyes to get through it.  I have been going to barre consistently for almost 2 years and I still shake – not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing?

What I love most about Barre Belle is the variety of classes they offer.  Consistently changing up their routines, and always introducing to new movements, no class is ever the same.  There is also modifications for each class making it perfect for anyone at any level including pre and post-natal moms.  The different classes offered at Barre Belle are:

Barre Belle Fit: This class is perfect for first timers which include a full body workout of compound exercises.

Barre Bell Fat Burn: This class will help you burn a ton of calories and fat combining strength training and plyometric movements stacking all of the cardio at the end of class.

Barre X: This class often uses all of the equipment including, resistance bands, smash balls, barre, steps and weights.  The high intensity intervals often leaves you breathless, building cardiovascular endurance.

Strength:  This class uses heavier weights for compound exercises focusing on full body strength plyometrics and core.

Ass and Abs:  Exactly what the class is called, this class focuses on your lower body and core.

Lengthen and Strengthen:  This deep stretch class helps to expand range of motion, prevent injuries, and helps your muscles recover quicker.

It will be 2 years this spring since I’ve joined and let me tell you, Barre Belle is more than just workout.  I have noticed an overall increase in my physical endurance and strength, it’s a great stress reliever, I always leave in a better mood and YES I have noticed changes in my physical appearance which is always a good thing. 🙂  There is something about the community at Barre Belle that is so great.  The energy of the studio, enthusiasm of the instructors, inviting environment, and the fantastic set of ladies who I sweat with keep me motivated to come back week after week.

I couldn’t resist and had to share my love of barre with my family and friends over the summer and below are some photos of a private session led by one of the incredible faculty Ashleigh Cerny.  So if your resolution this year is to get into shape and you want to try class with me, let me know, I’d love to introduce you to barre.

Photography by Radical Gentlemen



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