7th birthday and why it’s a big deal!

I never thought I would be able to love another man as much as I love Renan until 7 years ago when God gave me the gift of my son Nathaniel, which actually means “God has given.” Today my little guy turns 7 and watching him grow over the years has truly been a blessing. Nate probably being the most sensitive out of my kids and very witty, always tells me how he feels without filter, and loves with all of his heart.

Turning 7 in our filipino culture is a big deal which I didn’t even know until my first born was turning 7. My mother in law asked if we were going to have a big celebration and I asked why? Because she couldn’t give me a direct answer as to why 7 was considered significant, I took it upon myself to look deeper into it. I also wanted to know as I have had a lot of questions this year as to why Nate’s family party had a guest list of 150 people!

What I found about the significance of 7 years is that this is the age kids become more independent and responsible. They have transitioned out of their preschool and kindergarten years and are typically in first or second grade. It is an age where kids are held more accountable for their behavior and begin to develop empathy. According to Piaget’s Theory Of Moral Development age 7 is when kids become less egocentric. Piaget calls this the concrete operational stage marked by decreases in egocentrism. While children in the preceding stage of development (the preoperational stage) struggle to take the perspective of others, kids in the concrete stage are able to think about things the way that others see them.

Other reasons I found about why the 7th birthday is such a big deal in the filipino culture (which I am a bit skeptical of) is that it is supposed to signify a rebirth of some kind, and also bring good health.

So being filipino and wanting to celebrate the traditions of our culture, Renan and I have decided to carry out this tradition in our family of making the 7th birthday extra special. Nate was thrilled to have two parties, one for his friends as well as a bigger family party. I have to say I was pretty happy myself because I absolutely love planning parties, especially for my littles, and love even more having the opportunity to spend time with close loved ones. Below are a few pictures from his Minecraft birthday with his friends, and a magic show themed hotel brunch with our family the next day.

What are some birthday traditions you have? I’d love to hear.

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