3 step Tie-Dye shirts

So everyone who knows me, knows I like to craft and because of that I am always looking for new craft projects to do with my kids. About a month ago Amelia and I decided to try making tye die shirts which I posted on my Instagram stories and after several people have asked how to make them I thought I would share. This is SUPER SIMPLE to make, and the great thing is that you likely have all the materials at home.

You will need:

Plain white cotton T-shirt, or white canvas shoes


Rubbing alcohol

Dropper of some sort. (I literally just used old medicine droppers from the kids liquid Tylenol kit. )

Cardboard or foam board

Step 1:

Cut the cardboard or foam board so it will fit inside of your shirt. The goal for this is to protect the sharpie from leaking through to back of the shirt.

If you are using canvas shoes, place painters tape over the soles of the shoes.

Step 2:

Begin drawing your patterns. I would encourage using larger dots or thick lines as I find that when you drop alcohol over smaller dots it does not disperse as well.

Step 3:

Drop alcohol over your pattern and watch it spread. So cool! Repeat the steps until your shirt or shoes are covered. My kids left quite a few white spaces but like with most craft projects there is no wrong way to do it.

Hoping this easy craft project can help keep your littles busy for a day this summer. Enjoy!

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